Season 01, Number 11

1x11 Episode

Name "Victoria"
Air date April 7, 2010
Written by Kalinda Vasquez (teleplay)
Sonny Postiglione (teleplay)
Zak Schwartz (story)
Directed by Paul Edwards
Episode Guide
"Christopher Chance"

Victoria is the eleventh episode of the first season of Human Target.


Chance is conscripted to protect a very prominent member of the British royal family, or possibly conned into it, one whose decision to get a princely divorce and declare her love for a commoner has her marked for assassination by her corrupt Royalty Protection bodyguards. Forced to take on the Royal Family's "Cleaner", Chance and the princess have to seek help from an ex-IRA guerrilla – who has previously placed two bounties on Victoria's head - since there's no one else those with royal influence can't reach and turn.


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