Wikia HT - Tony Sorrento

Tony Sorrento is a New York paramedic who has the fortune, of whatever shade and magnitude, to fall for and be loved by a princess, Victoria. He is the Achilles' heel which Templeton plans to exploit, having set up an elaborate ploy which will leave his corpse at the site of Victoria's assassination, along with letters exchanged between the two, designed to show the murder as the ultimate crime of passion.

Tony, however, is saved from Templeton's hatchetmen by the intervention of Winston and Guerrero, and, to their horror, shows his mettle and nature by putting himself in the line of fire to drag one of his would-be killers to a place where he can save the man's life. This, however, proves fortuitous in itself, since the grateful survivor provides the team with the written, physical evidence of Templeton's treachery which, in combination with the tape acquired by Chance and Her Royal Highness, leads to the 'fixer's' arrest. This is topped off by a (seemingly) fairytale wedding for the young couple, although the latter takes place offscreen, and without Chance's participation.

Tony is played by Rey Valentin.