Wikia HT - Templeton spells it out for Prince Walter

Templeton, as described by Princess Victoria, is the British Royal Family's 'fixer', the man who guarantees that their dirty linen never sees the light of day. He has, in this instance, teamed up with Victoria's rather spineless husband, Prince Walter, to ensure she doesn't create a damaging scandal by ditching her royal spouse for a commoner, Tony Sorrento. Victoria's security head, Gerard has learnt of Templeton's machinations and brings in Christopher Chance, since no one around him can be trusted. Templeton moves up the timetable, abandoning the planned, staged assassin 'for love' scenario, and despatches his killers to MacGowan's Pub, refuge of Connor Dunham, Gerard's old nemesis and current back-up plan. The goons, however, are not up to the task of taking down the ex-IRA leader and the bodyguard, and the trio head to meet Her Majesty with evidence of Templeton's malfeasance.

On the other side of town, a similarly well-laid plan has gone awry, since the shooters in place to abduct Tony and set the scene of his 'lovesick crime' have run into Guerrero and Winston and been taken out of the picture. In fact, Tony's humanitarian concern which saves the life of one of his would-be killers provokes gratitude, and the goon provides more proof of Templeton's plans and involvement.

These two groups converge on the exhibition which Her Majesty is visiting and fight their way into her presence, where her daughter accuses the fixer and her own spouse of plotting to kill her. What the Queen's feelings about Royals marrying commoners, they pale in comparison to her attitude to attempts on her daughter's life, and Templeton is bundled away by his former subordinates.

Templeton is played by Mackenzie Gray.

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