Wikia HT - Victoria meets her new friend

Princess Victoria, whose last name, such as it is, would appear to be Windsor, is, from circumstantial evidence (her title, Princess of Wales) rather than declaration, the heir apparent to the British throne, and a princess who found her mate in a commoner, Tony Sorrento, which is - unacceptable. She falls, almost literally, under Chance's protection, when he accepts the gauntlet tossed down by the murder of his old friend, Gerard, who had been responsible for the princess's security. When the villains move up the timetable and Gerard is gunned down, he instructs Chance to take Victoria to 'the man we hunted in Belfast', Connor Dunham.

Wikia HT - 'Bridge and tunnel' Victoria confronts Connor

With the bad guys and the paparazzi both hot on their trail, something out there is called for, and Chance gets the princess an outfit which he describes, in a manner that at first goes straight over her head, as 'bridge and tunnel'. McGowan's Pub is the duo's destination, and with the help of the barkeep they locate Connor - not such a challenge, since he is the barman. Victoria's identity convinces the former IRA leader that they do come from Gerard, and that he's fallen fighting the good fight, so they make plans to get her and the evidence safely away. Unfortunately, Templeton has spies of his own and has located his charge, and sent another goon squad to mop up. Connor's mate Francis is lost in the ensuing skirmish, but the princess and her bodyguard make their escape, leaving the Irishman to clean up, although, as he observes, "I've seen worse.".

Her Majesty the Queen is attending an exhibition, and the group, joining forces with Winston, Guerrero and Victoria's beloved Tony, need to get into the royal presence to make their case before the 'clean-up crew' can do its job. Though it involves literally fighting their way through, this plan succeeds, and with Victoria's word and hard evidence of Templeton and her husband (Prince Walter)'s plan, the loveless marriage, and the fixer's career, is at an end.

Some time later, Victoria sends Chance an invitation and a first class ticket to London to attend her wedding to Tony, but Chance chooses instead to take the opportunity to visit Katherine Walters' grave, and remember his own great love.   ("Victoria")


  • Among almost innumerable faux pas, Victoria utterly breaches the etiquette of introduction by saying, "Christopher Chance, Her Majesty the Queen", instead of something like, "Your Majesty, may I present Mr. Christopher Chance."