Wikia HT - Phil Tennant onscreen

Phil Tennant is the head of a highly successful 'cyber-security firm', a multibillion dollar company building systems and safeguards for the Internet. Sadly for him, one of his freelance hires, known to him only as Casper, has discovered a flaw not simply in his latest construct, but in the essential design of the Net itself, the de facto skeleton key by which any and all security could be bypassed. Casper, who goes to great pains to keep his identity unknown, has agreed to fly to Tennant's HQ in Seattle. There is a major glitch, however, since the previous night Tennant's office was broken into, a security guard killed and all available information on Casper copied, meaning that someone who plans to stop this has his flight details, though not his specific identity, since Tennant never knew that. Tennant hires the team to find and protect Casper on the flight at all costs, which they do.

Casper gives Tennant her hand and her real name when they finally meet face-to-face, and it looks as if she will be working for him from then on.