McNamara Engineering, run by the latest generation of the McNamara clan, is the company behind the building and launch of the California Bullet Train in the "Pilot". Its bigwigs include James Dobbs and his ex-wife Stephanie, along with their best man at their wedding, Tom, the company's chief counsel, and its friends and supporters are many and varied.

McNamara as a company has sunk its entire worth and reputation into the new high-speed rail line, and beyond the technical issues has encountered several other bumps in the track, such as Mark Hoffer's exposé a year earlier on safety concerns, one which had an anonymous source inside the company.

Along with $62 billion of public money (out of its $80 billion budget), the project also relies heavily on investment from such as Mr. Saito and his associates, Japanese businessmen who have backed the venture heavily, and therefore are along for the ride.

If Stephanie's optimism, however, is not misplaced, they may all get a do-over, although nothing to do with the company or any of its employees is ever mentioned again.

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