These are the short-hand code phrases, often seemingly names of relatives, which signify particular ploys used or mentioned in the show.

Crazy Eddie "Rewind" - Seemingly, a faked bout of insanity or similar, to identify who is excessively focused on other tasks

Aunt Linda "Lockdown" - 'Calling in the cavalry' as Guerrero and then Chance describe it, Winston uses a modified walkie-talkie to misdirect the cops and rescue Chance

Uncle Andy "Lockdown" "Ilsa Pucci" - When first mentioned Guerrero and then Chance say Winston is mislabelling an 'Aunt Linda', in 'Ilsa' Guerrero is pleased when this is stipulated, as it requires more firepower

Boston cooler "Lockdown" - Calling in the cavalry when inclement weather's a factor, according to Guerrero

Reverse lifeboat "Baptiste" - No details given, sounds like it might involve "false flagging" or establishing a dummy location

West Point "Baptiste" - Involves acquiring a uniform, presumably military, and possibly considerable preparation

Aunt Suzy "Ilsa Pucci" - A risky ploy involving non-lethally shooting the human shield (used by the enemy) to clear the way for a clean strike

Cousin Carter "A Problem Like Maria" - Apparently a 'guns blazing' rescue, including the potential use of a rocket launcher