Wikia HT - John Gray

John Gray is a young man with much on his mind, and all of it weighing on his soul. We find him up in a remote Canadian monastery, where he hoped to leave the world behind, long with its cares, but his past as the inside man for a murderous robbery ring is catching up with him fast.

John, in the eyes of the Abbot, is a basically good man looking to find his way back to a righteous path, having strayed. Sadly, his fellow 'strays' have no intention of affording him that opportunity, or risking what might happen if he chooses to turn himself in to the authorities. Luckily for him, his beloved Emily has engaged the services of Christopher Chance and his team, who are closing in.

As the episode ends, John is headed back to prison, but with his lady as the bright beacon of light at the end of the tunnel.

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