Emma Barnes
Actor big 10325
Name Emma Barnes
Played by Emmanuelle Vaugier
First appearance Embassy Row

Emma Barnes is an FBI agent appearing in two episodes - "Embassy Row" and "Baptiste". She flirts with Christopher Chance, but, perhaps sadly, nothing much comes of it.

Chance first meets Emma at the Russian Embassy, when he's standing in for Danny Cooper. Their mutual dependence for escape from the detainment area also leads to their reunion in the later episode. Emma's interest is clearly more than professional, and is reciprocated, since Chance deliberately leaves his fingerprints on the handcuff segment still attached to the FBI Agent, making it possible for her to run him through the database.

Emma re-emerges when the team seek to stop a former ally, the ruthless Baptiste, completing his mission, an assassination which could have international ramifications. Guerrero and Winston see her at first as a Chance groupie, and she doesn't reappear to disprove this - or even take Chance up on his offer of dinner.

Emma has a study/work area in her apartment which Guerrero describes as 'like a teenage girl's locker', since it is decorated with all her endeavors to find Chance.