Wikia HT - Connor Dunham welcoming his guests

Connor Dunham is the former IRA leader to whom Gerard turned for evidence of the plot to assassinate Princess Victoria when he realized no-one in his immediate vicinity could be trusted. Since Connor was the one who put a £100,000 bounty on the princess's head in the 1980s, she's reluctant when Chance says they have to go and see him, and as this leads to her finding herself staring down the barrel of a gun, she appears to have been right. Gerard, however, knew what he was doing, and Connor proves a trustworthy, though ruthless ally, putting kill shots into each of the downed men who crashed into his pub looking to finish the assassination. He presumably has an exit strategy of his own, once disposing of the evidence is complete, and assistance arranged for his injured comrade, Francis, although regrettably Connor is never seen or even mentioned again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Connor is played with an excellent, consistent Northern Irish accent by the Canadian (Norwegian/Scottish heritage) actor Christopher Heyerdahl, whose voice work is well known.