Season 01, Number 08

1x08 Episode

Name "Baptiste"
Air date March 17, 2010
Written by Matthew Federman
Stephen Scaia
Directed by Paul Edwards
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"Salvage & Reclamation"
"Corner Man"

Baptiste is the eighth episode of Human Target. It is, in a number of ways, a sequel to "Embassy Row" and "Lockdown".


Chance’s past comes into painful focus when he persuades FBI Agent Emma Barnes to help him stop his former partner, an assassin known as "Baptiste", from eliminating a visiting foreign dignitary at the UN. Meanwhile, Guerrero tests out a familiar face as a new recruit to the team, and we learn more of his and Chance's shared history.


This piece opens with an unidentified man being approached in the subway by a would-be mugger. The man, with a strong London accent, tries to get the guy to walk away, and effortlessly disarms him when he fails to do so, sending him scurrying off. The prospective victim turns to his companion on the bench, and picks up a long-running conversation where he left off - or so it seems. The man outlines the mutual no-win nature of their current predicament - and how it is essentially his companion's fault. They very clearly have an extensive history, and it appears neither can make a move the other hasn't anticipated and made contingency for. The Londoner waxes philosophical, musing about watches and the value of a life.

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