Wikia HT - Alexei Volkov

Alexei Volkov is the six and half foot bruiser in charge of security at the Russian ambassadorial compound in "Embassy Row". He interrogates his intruders, Chance and Emma Barnes, is a non-threatening, non-confrontational manner which reaps rewards of a kind when Chance tells him, well, everything he wants to know, including the hunt for 'Raven'.

For his reasonable approach, and adherence to protocol in informing Peter Blanchard, the ranking US Government representative present of the apprehension, he is gunned down in cold blood when Raven is revealed to be - Blanchard. The murderous double agent is looking to pin his identity on Chance, and dispose of all witnesses, American and Russian alike. Volkov, however, does manage to do his duty though fatally wounded, shooting and killing the infiltrator in return.


  • He basically shares his name (although the spelling thereof) with the major villain of the fourth season of Chuck, which aired later that same year.

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