Wikia HT - Abbot Stevens at his desk

Abbot Stevens hearing the history

Abbot Stevens is the surprisingly street-savvy leader of the spiritual community to which John Gray goes in search of refuge in "Sanctuary". When Christopher Chance turns up on his doorstep trailing trouble, the monastic guide doesn't display any of the forgivable panic a person might feel on hearing the tale of Sam Fisher and his psychotic sidekicks. The St. Benedictine Monastery in Quebec, it turns out, has a long history of welcoming within its walls those who truly need a fresh start, and when the events of the episode blow over, one can only hope that it continues to offer that opportunity to the deserving. The Abbot himself assures Christopher Chance that, whatever his past, he will always be welcome there, expanding the palette of the team's colorful range of (underutilized) allies.

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